We take our children to Lollapalooza. Happy hour play dates are a given and our children know what summer street fairs are before they are two. We’ve decided to forgo the big move out to the suburbs and raise our children in the city. Every day we make one more step towards figuring out how to actually GET IN to a magnet Chicago Public School. And yet the biggest question some of us moms face on a daily basis?


To work or not to work.


Is it better for me to work and therefore be able to provide my child with all that he has ever wanted? Or, is it better for him to sometimes do without his favorite Wiggleworms class so he is never wanting for my attention.


I tried the working way and have to say, I think that so far G has turned into a pretty great kid. But now I am trying the non-working way, at least just for the summer. And for all of you moms who are battling with this eternal question, maybe some of my posts will show you what it is we do all day when we don’t have a full day of: daycare drop-offs, meetings, project deadlines, quick Dominick’s and Target trips, imaginative dinner creations under 5 minutes, and hurried bath times.


My hope is that my son and I have this fantastic, bonding summer that he will always remember and will attribute all of his great successes to. The truth is that I am sure we will have great days and some bad days where I will fondly recall my times filled with adult discussions revolving around work and not poop or Dino nuggets.


So I welcome you to my experiment and hope that my posts will aid you in your quest for the perfect balance of motherhood and work. And if they don’t, well at least you can have a few laughs at my expense along the way.