Sick Note

Published Date: October 28th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


So today I wrote my first legitimate sick note. And I was stumped.


What is a sassy mother supposed to write? The few times I had written these for myself as a teen (I was one of those over-achievers who missed so much school for the NINE MILLION activities I was in, no teacher could ever keep track of me anyway), I think I just copied one my mother had written for me.


And as I was writing one this morning, all I could think of was, “Isn’t there some sort of Word template I can use for this (I actually looked. There is not)? What type of formatting and font do I use? Should I keep it brief or lengthy?”


In the end, I kept it brief. And I hand-wrote it, for legitimacy. Although since my son can only write his name, MAMA, and DADA, I’m pretty sure they did not think he faked it. Especially since he made ME give it to the teacher.


But I have to admit the entire time, I totally felt like I was doing something sneaky. I kept furtively looking around as I wrote it thinking I was going to get caught for doing something wrong. And then it occurred to me:


I am a real mother. These are the things I do now.


And then I had an even larger epiphany:


I am so old.


How did this happen? How did I go from forging my parents’ signatures to replacing them with my own?


Our son is four years old, so it’s not like these parental responsibilities are a shocker. And I know that I am a mom and believe me, I love being a mom.


But sometimes these little firsts kind of throw me over the edge and it occurs to me that most of the exciting things (i.e., breaking rules-type-of-things) that will happen to me from now on will actually happen to me through my children.


And that I need to start working on a less-forgeable signature…


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