Back Seat Driver

Published Date: October 13th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


The other day G came home from school, pointed to my eye and said,


“Mama, that’s your iris!”


Another day he was singing some sort of Spanish song under his breath (or what I assumed was Spanish–who knows, since I am so sadly unilingual).


This is progress!


I am so happy that he is going to school and actually learning something, instead of playing with blocks and Lego’s, which he could do for free at home.


But then the other day he shouted to me in the car,


“Mama! That’s a stop sign! You are supposed to make a FULL stop at a stop sign. You didn’t.”


What?! I’m all about teaching children safety, but who decided it was a good idea to teach them the rules of the road at age 4?


This is not good.


So now we have a minute-sized back seat driver on our hands. We get these lovely comments shouted to us from the back seat:


“Don’t go through a yellow light! Only green!”


“You didn’t have the green arrow!”


“You’re going the wrong way! That sign said ‘DANGER!’”


(Or FIRE HYDRANT, depending on your reading skill level)


For the love of God. It is bad enough that John and I feel the need to have a 2-hour summit to figure out which route is quicker any time we leave the house, now we have a stickler for stop signs sitting in our back seat.


My favorite moment was on marathon day when we rashly decided to DRIVE to Chinatown to cheer on our friends (the fact that we had been up until 3 am the previous night might have had something to do with our ingenious decision) and realized we didn’t really know HOW to get to Chinatown via car.


We always take the el. Occasionally the water taxi.


As we fumbled around 22nd Street and attempted to cross the marathon route via car (surprise, surprise—we couldn’t), both G and I simultaneously shouted out our driving advice to John to which he replied,


“Enough—do either of you want to drive?!”


I knew better to just keep quiet but to my amazement, G answered,


“No, but you should still go straight.”


And that’s when I realized that not only did we have a back seat driver on our hands, we also had the dreaded “must have the last word” child as well.



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