The Snack Time Initiative

Published Date: October 2nd, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


So, my deadlines used to be driven by FDA initiatives or by a clinical trial that needed to start ASAP or by a medical journal’s editorial team. Not anymore.


Oh no. These days my major deadline is snack time.


That’s right. G’s snack time at school.


When we originally decided to put him into this “full-day” preschool (well, “deciding” isn’t quite the right word. More like “rushed” into it, since it supposedly guarantees us a spot at his school for kindergarten), I thought,


“Wow, what am I going to do all day by myself? I need to go back to work.”


Which I am attempting to do. On a freelance basis, and so far, so good.


Yet, on closer inspection, it turns out I really don’t have a WHOLE day. Especially since the Snack time Initiative was put into place.


Turns out, my child does not want to stay for the cute little FREE snack that his school nicely provides him in one of those fun little trays with different compartments for different foods (who doesn’t like those?! G doesn’t, that’s who).


Oh no. I need to pick him up BEFORE snack time, or all hell breaks loose. If I don’t pick him up before then, I get the frowny little face staring at me with the questioning eyes. Or even worse, I get the child who decides since I did not keep up to my end of the bargain, he’s not going to leave Circle Time or Story Time or Cutting Paper with Funny Scissors Time.


Nope. When I rush in to pick him up FIFTEEN MINUTES LATE, he pretends like I’m not there and continues doing what he is doing. That’s right. I’m getting’ dissed by my 4-year-old.


Therefore, my full day has turned into more of a 5-hour day, which albeit, is still nice. But now when I plan my day I have to think,


“Hmmm….but can it be done by snack time?”


Which come to think of it, is in thirty minutes, so I gotta go…

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