Polar Bear Lunch

Published Date: May 21st, 2008
Category: Poetry


It used to be a

quick salad from Cosi


Or if there was time


A bento box from across the street with perhaps a

glass of wine hastily sipped before anyone noticed

The ultimate goal to obtain the

perfect combination of wasabi and ginger slices

The only decision being

whether or not to eat your tempura

first or last


Now the perfection lies in

the equality of banana slices


whether or not the juice is

too watered down and if it is in the

absolute right cup


did I bring the correct fork and if not

how will we cope with that?


My company today does not consist of

complaining co-workers or

a solitary book


But one little boy

and two polar bears swimming in their pool

Every bite followed by a shout of

“Polar bear looking at me, Mama!”


And so it seems I have found the


perfect combination


not in my food morsels

not in the basic delicacies made to entice a toddler


But with a boy and two bears

on a bench

at the Lincoln Park zoo.


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