I Need your Funny Kid Stories!

Published Date: August 27th, 2009
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Have you had a moment with a child where you think to yourself, “Did this just happen?” or maybe where you have to leave the room so you don’t start uncontrollably laughing during a time when you should be reprimanding?

I certainly have. My favorite being when G dropped the F-bomb while I was on speakerphone with a co-worker. I of course then proceeded to have the following conversation where I made him repeat it TWO MORE times:

Me: “What did you just say?”

G: “F-bomb.”

Me (incredulously): “What did you just say?”

G (a little louder and slower): “FFFFFFFF-BBBBBBBBOMBBBBBBB.”

My only solace was that he at least was using it correctly, as he shouted it out after he tripped into my office and stubbed his big toe.


Anyway, if you have similar stories, I would love to hear them for a writing project I will be working on in the fall. You can email them to me at: serena@sassychicagomama.com, where I will of course laugh, and then give you props if I end up using the story in my project.

Thanks and feel free to pass this request along to all parents, uncles, aunts, honorary gay uncles and aunts, etc.

Everyone has to know some funny kid story (even if it is your own) from somewhere…


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