I am SUCH a Tool

Published Date: July 30th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


Literally and figuratively.


Why is this, you wonder?


Because I had a “gardening accident” that sent me to the ER. I actually stepped on the rake side of a gardening hoe and the wooden handle strongly bonked me in the head.


Like in the cartoons. Without the birds flying around my head.


Blood gushed from the one-inch gash that across the bridge of my nose (caused by my glasses), I heard a loud “crack” (caused by my glasses), and I pretty much passed out for a few seconds (because of the blood and the crack).


So off to the ER we went. And I opted for the skin glue instead of stitches, so now my nose is glued back together and swollen, and I have two slightly blackened eyes. I cannot wash my hair until tomorrow and have to wear a hat the rest of the summer.


And best of all—we are going to get fingerprinted by the FBI or something this morning for the adoption. And I look like a domestic abuse victim and have been in painkillers for the past 24 hours.




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