Every day SHOULD be like Sunday…

Published Date: July 7th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


So now that we have taken G out of preschool in order to be economically responsible for the summer, I, of course, feel like I need to motivate him and give him the same benefits of going to preschool.


At the discounted rate of free, since I am STILL (somehow) the stay-at-home-mom.


Therefore, every day we practice writing our letters and do some math. We garden and watch things grow. I pull out the butcher-block paper and we paint with lime halves. Sometimes we travel downtown and attend free concerts at Millennium Park or we plan play dates to the beach.


All to G’s chagrin. Because he just wants to stay at home. And play. Or go to a new park. Or fill up his swimming pool and lay in the water. Possibly just ride the train for an hour.


But for a while, I kept pushing on and felt that if I didn’t take him to AT LEAST one museum, one play date, and one story hour or concert a week, well then, I just wasn’t doing my stay-at-home mom job. Until I had this epiphany:


He’s four.


When I was four, I just hung out at home with my mom (unless I was modeling, but that’s a WHOLE other story, involving hot rollers and not being in the sun all summer) and I LOVED it. We played dolls, made tents in the backyard, went to the local pool. Because we weren’t always rushing around, I learned to read by my fourth summer. I don’t recall being in any sort of day camp or art school or having standing play dates, and I turned out okay.


What is it with our generation of women constantly feeling the need to fill our preschooler’s schedule up? Is it because we are coming from corporate America where we are used to schedules and meeting reminders and being on the go, go, go, so therefore, we are transferring our need to keep busy onto our four-year-olds?


Well, that’s dumb. Isn’t that why we LEFT corporate America, so we could slow it down and enjoy leisurely time with our children?


It is now the beginning of July. Thanks to the CPS-school calendar, G and I have exactly two months left of summer until it is full-time school for him. Every day will be like Sunday for us and if we wake up and don’t feel like getting out of our pajamas that day, well then, we won’t. Because I’ve decided to throw out MY agenda, and replace it with his.


So don’t be surprised if you see a tall-brunette and her 4-year-old boy riding the train in their pajamas…


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