The Fish Chronicles

Published Date: May 7th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


Like I didn’t feel bad enough for possibly killing G’s fish. Which, by-the-way, he has mysteriously figured out (does he somehow read my blog)? He will throw out nice little gems like:


“I don’t want to feed Fancybird too much because I wouldn’t want to KILL him, right Mama?”


To which I just sheepishly nod and run into the kitchen to “make dinner.”


Well, today I decided to right my wrongs, so we went to fish store #2. The Fish Bowl in Evanston is quite cute and there appeared to be hundreds of species of fish, reptiles, dogs, cats, bunnies, and my favorite, Prairie Dogs (Prairie Dogs? Really? Who buys their child a Prairie Dog) crammed into a space that was maybe the same square footage of our living room and dining room combined.


At the “fish summit” I explained our situation to the fish lady and she importantly said:






After what seemed to be a very long minute, she told me we needed to bring a Ziploc bag full of our fish tank water for them to analyze to see if we could even introduce another fish into our tank.


What? I thought fish were the least complicated pets to have. Clearly not.


At this point, I was still feeling enthusiastically guilty, so back home we went, scooped some fish water into a bag, and drove back up to The Fish Bowl.


The fish lady’s lunch had just arrived, so in stepped the fish boy. He took out some sort of litmus-ish paper, stuck it into the water, looked at it for maybe all of thirty seconds, and deemed us fish worthy.


Now to the part where I feel a little guilty.


Even though The Fish Bowl is small, they have an incredibly large selection of freshwater fish. And they were cute. And some were even $1 to $2 each. Which is kind of the route I wanted to go this time.


G had other plans.


When I asked him to pick out his fish, he emphatically said:


“I want the same one.”


The same one? The same one that I possibly killed by slightly overfeeding it and perhaps because I trapped it under the filter? More importantly, the same one that cost $10?


I don’t think so.


After five minutes of my best 4-year-old coercion skills, we were still at wanting the same one. At which point I said,


“Okay. But if they don’t have a Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish, then we would HAVE to get a different type of fish, correct?”


G nodded. And then my favorite new person of the day, the fish boy (who had been leaning against the wall watching all of this) quickly piped up with,


“You know, I think we are all out of those fish today. Sorry.”


Which leads me to the ultimate confession—not only did I kill the boy’s original fish, I lied about the availability of his ultimate fish choice. I just did not have it in me to go through the Sisyphean motions of buying the $10 fish, probably killing it, buying the $10 fish, probably killing it, and so forth.


Can you blame a girl for wanting to start fresh? Start with a new type of smaller fish that will barely eat and will quickly swim out of the way of the impending filter?


So here we are with 3 brand-new, cute neon tetra fish. Yes, we purchased three because God-forbid “schooling” fish don’t have a school to swim with. And yes, I of course ended up spending $10 on the three fish, so in the end, I again spent the same amount I would have with just one fish.


And do you know what I came away with?


Whatever. It’s not like I bought a Prairie Dog.


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