My Cup Overfloweth

Published Date: April 8th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


How to Aid your 4-year-old Boy in Giving a Urine Sample


1) Take off your pink raincoat you just spent $20 dry-cleaning.


2) Do not place your newly purchased iced coffee on the floor, right next to the toilet.


3) Do not give your 4-year-old a choice about sitting down or standing to give his urine sample.


4) If you did give him a choice and he of course chose standing because that is how his Dad would do it, make sure you have some sort of a plan once the minute cup is filled and he still needs to go more (LOTS more, since you just made him down two juice boxes).


5) For some reason if there was no plan for when the urine collection cup overfloweth, be ready with a plethora of wipes and towels to wipe off: a) your sleeve b) the entire front of your once clean pink raincoat c) his shoes d) his entire outfit e) the toilet f) the three walls surrounding the toilet and, g) your newly purchased iced coffee if you for some reason still feel like drinking it.


6) If all else fails, just make sure the next time he needs to give a urine sample, he GOES WITH HIS DAD.

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