Putting Chicago Tax Dollars (and Children) to Work

Published Date: March 19th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


So lately I have found myself wallowing in my self-induced despair that I cannot find a part-time writing job that works with my ridiculously specific hours and pays me a decent hourly range.


In this horrid bad job market. I know.


My husband is about ready to drop-kick me to the closest unemployment office so I can witness just how high the unemployment rate is.


Well, I kicked the wallowing to the curb this morning (literally) thanks to the City of Chicago’s Streets and Sanitation Service.


Why is that, you ask? Because they let my son drive the roller that fills in the potholes. That’s right—I actually witnessed the City of Chicago filling in potholes!


It started out as an ordinary Thursday morning. G and I were running late to drive to preschool. We hurried out the door and low-and-behold, there were about six men with bright-orange vests walking behind a big truck with that black tar stuff filling in potholes. And behind them, the star of all little four-year-old dreams—the roller machine!


Since I don’t have anywhere to rush off to and since they really don’t care what time we roll into preschool, G and I stood and watched the process. And before you know it, Mr. Friendly Roller Man called down to us and asked if G wanted to DRIVE THE ROLLER MACHINE.


G scurried so fast over to the roller machine I thought he might get rolled himself. The next thing I knew, he was sitting opposite Mr. Friendly Roller Man and the guy actually let him steer the machine a few feet down the street to roll over the tar. The look of joy and excitement in his eyes was priceless. And now he has his own pothole, right in front of our house, that he can proudly tell all of our friends and neighbors he filled himself.


And all because I don’t have a job. Because if I did, G would have nicely been ensconced at school by 8:30 this morning and I would be either diligently working away in my back office, or riding the train to go work somewhere.


So enough of this self-loathing. Enough of this feeling that I am not contributing to our family since I am not bringing in a paycheck. I stopped working so I could spend quality time with my child and so my mind would be free of worry and deadlines and office politics. And now, my mind is full of worry about self-worth, and productiveness, and finances.


Enough of that. Like my son, every time I start feeling these negative thoughts, I will look at our pothole and realize that my job now is G. And that’s worth all the potholes in the world.


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