Wax on, Wax Off

Published Date: March 10th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


So I cleaned our house for the first time in four years and found out the following:


1) Alas, it took me much longer than the 2 hours my cleaning lady normally spent since she was clearly in the wrong profession and I am old.


2) There were no less than ten colonies of spiders living in our house since the cobwebs had not been cleaned out of the corners in four years.


3) You burn around 800 calories for 3 hours of cleaning (who knew! Good-bye treadmill, hello clean-freak).


4) I am out of shape.


5) I am going to start using Green cleaning products since I could not breathe properly after 3 hours of cleaning.


And there you have it. Was it fun?


No, it kind of blew.


But in a way, it was also a bit therapeutic. I did not need to talk to anyone, answer any phones, meet any deadlines, or respond to nine million emails. There is a lot to be said for the “Wax on, wax off” way of life. I just went from task to task without making any major plans or lists—cleaning is pretty self-explanatory.


And I really feel remiss as a mom knowing that I was bathing my child in a tub that had been recently cleaned with these harsh chemicals.


So all in all, I saved money, burned some calories, and realized I need to be Greener. And I didn’t have to listen to my cleaning lady hum “Barbie Girl” for 2 hours…


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