He’s the Greatest Dancer

Published Date: January 30th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought

“What does disco mean?”

Indeed. He got me there.


This was G’s question of the day as we tried on our outfits for the upcoming Chicago Park District’s Valentine’s Day Disco Bash.


I was not sure how to answer that one. To many, disco is solely a format of music. For others, it is a hypnotic, glittery way of life. With one simple question, I had to figure out which version of disco I was subscribing to.


Since I had just spent an hour looking for the perfect shade of blue, sparkle nail polish, I guess I go for the latter.


A favorite moment of mine occurred after I SQUEEZED myself into a pair of silver pants I managed to buy 5 years ago. Why does a 35-year old mom who is so not a size 4 have a pair of silver pants?


Because they were silver. And only $10.


Regardless, I figured if I was ever going to wear them, now was the time. So I turned to G and asked,


“Are these a bit much?”


To which he heartily replied,


“No! Not AT ALL!”


The real question, I know, is why I am having this conversation with a 4-year old.


So for all of you with boring, pre-made Valentine’s Day plans that do not involve shiny clothes, disco balls, and some sort of Chicago Park District DJ spinning old Abba tunes for a bunch of five-year olds, you don’t know what you are missing. I’m sure there will be delicious heart-shaped Jewel cookies and punch.


But if you have been wondering lately where the happy people go, join us at Indian Boundary Park’s “Daddy-Daughter/Mother-Son Valentine’s Day Disco Bash”:




We won’t be hard to find. Just look for the silver pants.


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