Polling Day

Published Date: January 23rd, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought

After our daily conversation regarding whether or not Rihanna or Beyonce is prettier (Rihanna always wins), G decided he wanted to make a Rihanna collage.

This counts as an at-home art project, right?


It was not even our idea, since he saw the original “Rihanna poster” at our local YMCA. As we exited the babysitting area, we both noticed a hand-lettered sign instructing us to vote for various “posters” hanging in the hallway that were created by the after-school kids. We perused the various posters that included home-made collages of Rihanna, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, and some other teen idol that I cannot remember and then voted for our favorite one.


G, of course, chose Rihanna. I am not even quite sure how to stop the train on this Rihanna addiction.


Regardless, the voting aspect was discussed quite heavily on the car ride home, which kills me since there were NO questions about voting or how it works when we took him to vote for Obama on polling day. Oh no, these questions were all saved up for the even MORE monumental day of voting for the best teen idol poster at the YMCA.


Some of the questions included:


G: How did “the people” know who we voted for?


Me: They don’t, since our vote consisted of putting a blank piece of paper into the “Rihanna” envelope. At the end of the contest, they will count the pieces of paper in each envelope. Whichever poster has the most pieces of paper, wins (maybe our country should put this genius voting process in place. There certainly would are no hanging chad issues).


G: Oh. But how will they know how to get me the poster?


Me: ?


And then I realized he thought that if the Rihanna poster won, he somehow won the poster.


So now we are creating our own Rihanna poster. I even suggested hosting our own contest, but after he found out he might not win the contest, let’s just say, there is no contest.


But if you happen to have any Rihanna magazine pictures, we will be happy to take those off your hands…


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