Published Date: January 16th, 2009
Category: Poetry

                                    One small whiff of

                                    the aging lady sitting

                                    next to me and it is

                                    as if I am

                                    eight again

                                    Standing in Babish’s

                                    pink-flowered bathroom with

                                    pink tiles and

                                    (yes) pink tub

                                    Watching her

                                    slowly rub the

                                    white chalky paste on her

                                    wrinkled face

                                    I remember the

                                    Maple syrup jar filled with

                                    checkers that I used to

                                    play with and

                                    the gnarled pine cones that fell from that

                                    sticky tree in the front yard

                                    Sometimes we would find one, small

                                    brown toad in the

                                    windowsill and

                                    Watch him

                                    hop around the

                                    murky porch floor

                                    But in my memory every night is

                                    filled with fireflies and

                                    polka waltzes played on the piano and it is

                                    Because of this that I know

                                    although sometimes I forget

                                    You are always with me.


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