These are the Days

Published Date: January 7th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


“You won’t always fit in my lap. But today you do.”


I told him as he snuggled into my lap and I inhaled the smell of his still baby-fine hair like it was the secret elixir of life. Or some new drug. And he turned to me as I held him and said,


“This is nice, Mama, isn’t it?”


And I silently nodded my head as tears started streaming down my face. My boy turns four tomorrow and every little thing brings on the water works. Today I heard 10,000 Maniacs “These are the Days” and started crying.


Come on. It’s not like I can even say I am pregnant and therefore have copious amounts of hormones running through my body. Or that I am on meds that would incorrectly mix up my emotional state.


I guess I just can’t get over how fast four years can really go by. Four years did not seem to go by so quickly at college. Or even the four years that John and I dated before we got married seemed like FOREVER. Yet somehow these four tiny years of G’s life have gone by like my internal remote is permanently stuck on fast forward. And I just don’t know how to slow it down.



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