Polar Bear What?

Published Date: January 6th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought


I decided to plunge into 2009 with gusto.


Literally. I jumped into Lake Michigan on January 1st.  


Yes, I was one of those crazy Chicagoans you see on T.V. every year who decide to take part in the “Polar Bear Plunge” and jump into Lake Michigan at noon on New Year’s Day.


Why did I do this, you wonder?


I could say because it was on my “Forty Things to Do under Forty” list. Or that I agreed to do it a little under the influence at a party on December 30th and once I agree to do something, I don’t go back. Or that it was empowering and it made me feel like I am woman, hear me roar.


The truth of the matter is that I did it simply because I could. Because as an adult who lives in a world full of children and bills and taxes and mortgages and breaking-down cars and furnaces and leaking roofs, it was one thing that had no hidden meaning or agenda or price.


It was simple, and these days, simplicity is a luxury.


I will admit that the closer we got to North Avenue Beach, I did start freaking out (and thank you, Troi, for the aspirin you threw at me in the back seat while I obsessed that I was going to have a heart attack from the shock of the cold water). And when we arrived at North Avenue Beach and I saw the ten feet of solid ice I would have to walk over in bare feet in order to get to the actual water, I did kind of hyperventilate for a bit. So thank you, Julia, for all of your quiet encouragement in your lovely Southern drawl.


But in the end, the scariest part of the whole thing was being in a bikini post-holiday binging with my two friends Steve and Dean who might have a total of 4% body fat between the two of them.


So there. And for all of you who ask me, “Why on earth did you do that? Are you crazy?”


My response to you is this…maybe. But maybe a little bit of crazy is what we all need this year.




Happy New Year to my dear friends and readers!



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