A Million Years

Published Date: November 24th, 2008
Category: Weekly Thought


Did we make it through two days of Disney?




Did we have to take a second mortgage on our house to do so?


No, but we did cash in all of our United miles and we did stay at a Holiday Inn, where we actually had a Caddyshack “Doodie in the pool moment.”


Most importantly—was the Disney trip worth it?


Every minute and every penny.


I have to say I am a strangely sentimental person—I cry when I hear live gospel music or when I get a wedding invite from an old friend who I have not talked to in years. But when I kept hearing “Disney is so magical. You just wait,” I just rolled my eyes and shook my head. Because I really thought that modern-day Disney is one of the most genius money-making scams that I have ever seen and that Walt Disney himself was just creepy (which, by-the-way, I still think. He CLEARLY had some mother issues going on).


But after going there for two days with my excitable and impressionable three going on four-year-old boy, I realized that the magic is in your child’s eyes as he experiences this place that is solely created for children to come alive and live their wildest dreams.


You want to be a fairy princess? Sure thing, as long as your parents are willing to shell out the cash.


You want to see parades during the day AND at night? No problem. And they follow up the Spectromagic nightly parade with an illuminated Tinker Bell zip-lining from the top of the Magic Kingdom castle down to the ground.


You like fireworks? Consider it done AND they even give you a light show to accompany the fireworks and tell a story over the loudspeakers as the fireworks go off.


And then just when you think, I guess it can’t get any better than this, something even more amazing happens. Your child turns to you and says,


“Mama, I will dream about these fireworks for a million years.”


I know that G will remember his days at Disney with fondness for many years, but what I am surprised about, is that so will I.


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