Rose Garden

Published Date: October 14th, 2008
Category: Poetry


I think the first time

you said you

loved me was

under this same trellis at

the Chicago Botanic Garden


Is that why this

place beckons me?

I am no

Lily Pulitzer-wearing

North Shore Mama


Yet those roses they

call to me like a

freshly-squeezed mojito

on a

warm summer night


Those tasty roses

those little whores of a

flower that

beguile me with their

cheap aromas


Nothing like the

clinical roses bought from



stale rose mannequins


No, these wilting petals are the

ambrosia of the gods

and if I could I would mix a

salad of these silky petals and

place them in my shiny Nambe bowl


Hoping the

clean silver lines would

somehow trap the

satanic aroma



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