And now you are Seven…

Published Date: January 8th, 2012
Category: Weekly Thought


This year, my darling boy, you have done so much. You have:

1)      Taken up meditation. Since you have decided you are a Buddhist (who celebrates Christmas, of course).

2)      Explained to your grandmother how one eats edamame.

3)      Ridden through the locks of the Chicago River on a large boat and were reprimanded by the Chicago Coast Guard for NOT WEARING A LIFE JACKET (although you were somehow the ONLY one wearing a life jacket).

4)      Experienced a red moon on a long stretch of beach in South Carolina and how it affects the mating of horseshoe crabs. They mate.

5)      Determined that you DON’T like honky tonk bars and that you NEVER want to go back to one.

6)      Taken up golf.

7)      Caught your first and probably last fish, due to your lack of interest in rowboating and fishing.

8)      Lost your first two teeth.

9)      Donated your OWN money to a school in Africa so they can have real soccer balls instead of balls made of old rags and leaves.

10)  Uttered the magic words that all literate parents love to hear, “Mama, I love reading!” and then proceeded to use this pick-up line on 6-year-old-girls, “Hey—I’m good at reading…”

11)  Contributed to the creation of everyone’s (well, ten people’s) favorite holiday song, “O Mojito Tree.”

12)  Attended your fifth Lollapalooza. And discovered you really like The Cars (the band, not the movie).

13)  Watched the trilogy of Star Wars movies. All in the same day.

14)  Experienced your first blizzard and actually sledded off of your front porch. And kept your mother charming company while your father was AWAY on a business trip for the WHOLE TIME.

15)  Given your very first oral report (on Native Americans) with a real poster board and everything.

16)  Watched your mother go back to school and supported her in every way by saying, “You can do it, Mama! But wait, when do I get your Organic Chemistry modeling set?”

17)  Decided your first task as a scientist will be to create a time machine so you can see what you were like as a baby. But that won’t happen for 30 years. And MAYBE I get to use it.

18)  Participated in your first 1K (well, 2K since you and Dad got lost) to support breast cancer survivors and met me at the 5K finish line.

19)  Started playing Angry Birds. Much to my dismay.

20)  Somehow made me love you even more. I cannot imagine my life without you, my forever sweetie sweetie. Happy Birthday little boy!

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