I Don’t Like Mondays…

Published Date: April 29th, 2011
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Or Fridays.

How can I not like Fridays, you wonder?

Because it is “popcorn day” at G’s school.

For those of you who aren’t up-to-date in the various fundraising options at elementary schools, let me explain—the 8th graders sell popcorn to the students on Fridays to raise money for their Washington, D.C. trip. Which is great! The profit margin and relatively low effort in popcorn sales makes it an exceptional fundraiser for children. And I’m all for enterprising teens taking an interest in paying their way through ANYTHING.

Except, for some reason, the kindergartners are OBSESSED with getting popcorn on Fridays. Which is problematic because:

1)      None of us parents carry cash with us anymore and although our children are OBSESSED with buying popcorn on Fridays, they have the memory of fleas so they don’t remember they want popcorn until they are at school and see one of their little friends waving their popcorn dollar around in their faces.

2)      So the parents therefore shuffle around in their wallets and purses and coat pockets and pool the little bit of cash they have with them so a few kids can share some popcorn.

3)      And then proceed to OBSESS the remainder of the day that their child is going to choke on popcorn during lunch.

Plus, let’s face it—it’s hard enough getting these 5 and 6-year-olds to actually EAT their lunch in a 30-minute timeframe and once you throw “popcorn day” into the mix, you can forget about it. It takes a kindergartner 10 minutes just to figure out how many quarters are in a dollar so once they obtain their money, walk down the hall to the popcorn stand, stand in line, and somehow not spill all of their popcorn on the way back to their lunch seat, they maybe have 5 minutes to eat.

Eat their popcorn, that is. Not the lunch their mothers and fathers had so lovingly prepared for them that morning.

So that’s why I hate Fridays. I never thought I would. I have even tried to put an end to G’s purchase of popcorn but get this—these children bring EXTRA money so they can buy “rounds of popcorn” for their friends. Nothing like a kindergartner with grandma money burning a hole in their pockets.

Therefore I have given in to “popcorn day” and am chalking it off to a math lesson, when I hear G mumbling in the back seat on Fridays, “Let’s see, if I have FOUR quarters, I can buy one bag of popcorn but if I have EIGHT quarters, I can buy TWO bags of popcorn.”

And at least we’re not arguing about what to listen to the radio that morning, either…

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