Clever, Clever Me…

Published Date: March 26th, 2011
Category: Weekly Thought

I am SO tired of the daily battle I have with my son about what we should play on the radio while we are driving. Every day it is a battle because:

a)      I would like to listen to WXRT

b)      I would like to NOT listen to one of the numerous Michael Jackson CD’s my husband has now fed my son’s Michael Jackson obsession with

But yesterday was a doozy of an argument. That ended with G crying and me doubled up in silent chuckles. Which is mean, I know. But you’ll see why. Let me set the scene.

8:40 am on Thursday morning. Serena has not had any coffee and since G was busy screwing around in his bedroom for 10 minutes, we are now late and have about 15 minutes to make it to school before the 1st bell rings. Serena turns on the radio and her favorite song by Cee Lo comes on.

G: Why do we always have to listen to this song? I hate this song.

Me: Why do you hate this song? This song is great! Remember, this is the song from the Grammy’s where the Muppets came out? You love this song!

Serena starts singing along and is starting to feel like this day might not be so bad after all.

G: Stop it! Stop singing along! I hate it when you sing along!

Serena is starting to think that maybe G didn’t have HIS coffee either.

G: You’ve been choosing the songs for THREE MONTHS. I want to listen to a song. I want to listen to that new Michael Jackson CD that DADA gave me.

S: No. I want to listen to this song first. Then we can listen to your song.

Absolute silence for the next minute, where I can finally appreciate my song in silence. But then the song is over.

G: Okay! Put on my song! From that last CD DADA gave me!

I rummage around while trying to drive 40 miles an hour down Ashland, as we are still late. After a minute, I realize the CD he is talking about is on the other side of the car and I cannot reach it without us pulling over. I am CLEARLY not pulling over.

Me: Well, I can’t find it. We’ll just listen to this other Michael Jackson song that is on this CD.

G: You’re mean!

Silence on my part.

G: You’re VERY mean!

More silence.

G: You think you’re so clever, but you’re not.

Which then produced tears on G’s part and silent laughter on mine.

Clever? Where did he get that one? I haven’t felt clever since my 7th grade science project on the migration of monarch butterflies.

So that is how my morning is spent, Monday through Friday. It has gotten to the point where we sometimes just drive in silence, with him repetitively kicking my seat and me glaring at him in the rearview mirror. Any suggestions on how to handle the Great Battle for the Radio would be highly appreciated. Because it looks like until a treaty is reached, it’s silence or Michael Jackson for me…

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