Failed Composter

Published Date: March 17th, 2011
Category: Weekly Thought

So I just have to finally admit it to the world–I am a failed composter. It is something I have been trying to hide, but just cannot anymore.  And thanks to my son, I have also realized that I pretty much suck at “going green.”  Every day he reprimands me for running the water while I brush my teeth, for not recycling properly, for using the electricity in the garage to park our car (? This one I don’t get so much).

I try. I really do.

We only have one car. We turn off all the lights. I rarely buy bottled water, with the exception for our HIGH MAINTENANCE frog, who can only swim around in SPRING WATER. We tried to compost. We tried to recycle. We tried to grow our own vegetables.

But alas, our compost isn’t composting, our recycling efforts have diminished because our ward is the one ward on the northside that does not have the blue recycling bins and the vegetables, well, let’s just say our summer war with the evil squirrels was sadly lost last year and the only item we had left was arugula.

Yep. Arugula.

So we are moving forward. With a new project. We have signed up for one of those boxes of locally grown, organic produce through G’s school. And we are going to eat it. And blog about it. Which honestly, wouldn’t sound that exciting to me with the one exception:

I don’t really cook. Well, I do. But I am not a big fan. And I am not an especially big fan of:

a) looking for new recipes
b) looking for new recipes that take longer than 10 minutes to prepare
c) looking for new recipes that take longer than 10 minutes to prepare and use scary-sounding cooking terms like “brine, butterfly, or deglaze”

And to add onto this what looks like will be a disaster anyway, John doesn’t really like foods that are green. So there’s that. This new project might change our lives. Maybe I will start to enjoy cooking (doubtful, but maybe)? Maybe we’ll feel healthier and loose all sorts of weight (again, doubtful, but maybe)? Or maybe we’ll try this for 1 month and realize that there are other ways for us to save the environment (like donating money to environmental causes).

Regardless, it will be an entertaining ride and in the end, if you thought you were a Green Movement Slacker, you can always check out:

And I guarantee, we’re bigger slackers than you are.

Enjoy it and yes, I (in theory) will keep both blogs going. For the 10 readers out there who care…

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