The Kale Chronicles

Published Date: March 1st, 2011
Category: Weekly Thought


“This is the BEST thing I’ve ever eaten, Mama! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!”

“I agree! Let’s make it every day. It’s delicious!”

I bet you think we were talking about pizza. Or ice cream. Maybe chocolate cake or Salt and Vinegar potato chips.

Think again. We were talking about kale.

Yep. Kale. I somehow managed to trick my 6-year-old into thinking that kale is delicious.

For those of you wondering, ‘what is kale (like I was all of 1 day ago)?’ let me educate you—it is a gross-looking, dense, dark-green, leafy vegetable with thick stems and a rubbery, pre-cooked texture

I know. Sounds delicious.

You are now probably wondering, ‘why on earth would she go out and buy this on purpose when she could EASILY get her child to eat carrots or peas?’

Because we’ve decided to GO GREEN and support G’s school by getting one of those weekly organic fruit and vegetable boxes. We are eating healthy and 20% of the price is kicked back to his school.

Great—what a win-win situation!

Until you are left with a box full of sweet potatoes, red chard, and kale. Which are not normally items we eat on a weekly basis. Or a monthly or yearly basis for that matter.

But no worries. I have learned with situations like these, we need to make things EXCITING and FUN! So G and I opened up the SURPRISE!!! box of fruits and vegetables (because really, what child doesn’t like opening up a box of anything, even if it is filled with healthy food) and put away the items we knew how to eat (oranges, grapefruits, brown potatoes, etc.) and then put our mystery items on the counter. Where we quickly ran to the internet to find out how to prepare them.

Turns out if you slather anything in olive oil, sea salt, and then roast it, it’s delicious.

So now we have a favorite new food—kale chips.

I shutter a little bit at this thought because I feel like our next step will be karob chip cookies and the removal of our television, like all of my crunchy friends’ parents did in the 70s. So their children could grow up to later become sugar and television junkies. Regardless, I feel like my weekly need to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race while eating a bowl of chocolate mint ice cream will save us from TOTALLY going down that path…

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