Recycled Eggs

Published Date: January 20th, 2011
Category: Weekly Thought


Turns out the Easter Bunny is concerned about the environment.

How do I know this, you wonder?

Well, because that is what my son told me.

It all went down in the basement. I was doing laundry and G was meandering about, looking for hidden presents and broken toys as we were on the “bad” side of the basement (i.e., the unfinished side of our basement that houses our laundry and all the things we don’t want people to ever see). And then he looked up. And asked me one of those questions that us parents just dread hearing.

“Mama, remind me why my Easter basket is here with all the plastic eggs.”

My heart stopped. I panicked. Why was it there? Was it supposed to be hidden? What did we tell him? Oh crap. I was caught. The whole Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny House of Cards was about to start tumbling down, just because of a damn blue basket with some stupid eggs.

And then I blurted out,

“Well, let’s see. I think I remember that we leave it here for the Easter Bunny to pick up every year because he likes to use the same one since he doesn’t believe in wasting things.”

Silence. Me pretending to calmly shove the wet laundry into the dryer as my mind continues to race, wondering how I am really going to explain why his Easter basket is still in the basement.

“Oh. That’s right. He’s concerned about the environment. He likes to recycle. Like Mr. Leki.”

Like good old Mr. Leki, his ecology teacher and overall environmental guru at his school. I knew there was a reason we worked so hard to get him into this fine arts magnet school with an ecology focus—so he could believe in the Easter Bunny for one more year.

Big sigh of relief. I didn’t even have to make up some sort of weird troll in the fireplace story for this one.

I replied with,

“Totally. He’s such a green Easter Bunny. Such a good recycler.”

And we left it at that, as we went upstairs to search for our under-the-sink composter that I hadn’t used in months…

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