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Published Date: August 8th, 2008
Category: Weekly Thought


If I have to hear one more time from:


a) our contractor

b) our banker

c) strangers we barely know


that I should not have stopped working during a recession, I am going to die. Seriously. Stop stressing me out.


Yes, food is more expensive. Yes, gas is ridiculously expensive. Yes, our cost of living is definitely more than what we had budgeted for when I started this venture. And yes, every sort of electronic or mechanical piece of equipment we own (including this computer which has now randomly started making some sort of clicking sound as I type) is rapidly deteriorating.


But what price should I put on my son’s happiness?


Although I am starting to have doubts about how happy he really is with me home ALL THE TIME.


For instance, as I kissed him last night tonight he told me,


“Mama, you were not a good girl today. You made me upset.”


And that made me sad. And it made me think. And then it occurred to me that the listening skills I previously used SO WELL in my grown-up job had not transferred so well to my current job.


Am I listening to his needs at all? Or, am I just plowing through life with the attitude of “Mother Knows Best.” But do I really? I barely have an idea of what is best for me, let alone my 3-year-old boy.


As we continued our discussion, he told me he was upset because,


“You did not listen to me and I did not listen to you. And that made me upset.”


And I can say in my fifteen years of professional life, I had never received such a direct and honest performance review.


So thank you for the write-up, G. I will promise to reinstate my listening skills. I will remember that you are not a baby anymore and that you are growing into your own little man with your own opinions and thoughts.


And if all else fails, you can give me a 90-day probation period. Or you can at least watch an extra Thomas the Tank Engine that day…


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