Little Boy

Published Date: January 7th, 2011
Category: Weekly Thought


Tomorrow my little boy turns six.

Today he still reached for my hand as we walked to school. He also let me kiss him good-bye as I dropped him off and was very excited about his once-yearly “Lunchable” he chose for his “birthday lunch” at school. Today he still believes in Santa Claus and runs to me crying for a hug when he falls down on the playground and is still interested in one last minute of “super snuggly hugging” before we start our day.

Today my child is a little boy who still needs his mom, but tomorrow or next month or maybe a year from now, he will make that magic transformation from sweet-smelling, tight-pajama-wearing, incorrect-word saying little guy into tall and skinny, smelly-sock, secretive big boy who would prefer to hang with his friends than with his mother, and my God, that thought brings tears to my eyes every time.

I cannot believe how fast six years have gone by and now when I think about how long it is taking us to adopt our second child, I am realizing that maybe the wait was a little gift in itself. Yes, our two children will now have many years between them and they probably won’t be buddies while they are young, but this wait has also given us extra magic time with G where we can truly appreciate and experience EVERYTHING with him, which I have observed is a bit hard to do with multiple children.

So today I am thankful for my sweet and caring little boy, for the alone time I have had with him, and for the fact that somehow, every day I love him just a little bit more. As we found out this past fall, you never know what life will bring you, but I am so happy life brought me him.

Happy early birthday to my sweetie sweetie!

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