Published Date: August 4th, 2008
Category: Poetry


How does one dress for a

Catholic school open house?

When you

sometimes look in the mirror and

are shocked to realize you are

even a mother.


So far your expertise with

dressing yourself is in


first dates

happy hours


weddings (including your own)

business meetings


But never as a Protestant mother

possibly interested in getting her

sometimes shy 3-year old

into the local Catholic pre-school.


Would a pleated, plaid skirt seem too obvious?


Most definitely.


Black pants, sweater, and black boots too much for

a Sunday morning?

(and why aren’t these Catholics in church, anyway?)




Is it



sacrilegiously slutty

 to wear jeans?


What is with me and

these Catholic functions

I always feel like I am


burning the wrong incense

muttering the wrong prayer

swearing in front of nuns


It pleased me to witness

mothers in all

shapes and sizes




business-like and yes,

even slinky


(At least I did not do that)


Our one common thread being

3-foot tall children stuffed into

Winter boots and coats,

corduroy pants and sweaters,

all eyeing the cookies and coffee table


Not noticing that they were in a

temporary house of God

More interested in which school rooms had

toys and possible gerbils

than in learning


And it occurred to me


Loosen up.


It’s just




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