Party Dragon

Published Date: August 1st, 2008
Category: Weekly Thought


My child is more advanced at networking at age three than I was at age twenty-three (hence, the nine months post-college it took ME to find a job). He also has a hefty list of goals that include:


1) Grow up and become a man so he can shave and go to work with Dadda.

2) Meet and marry his wife, Tuba, so they can have a child named Frederick.

3) Become a dragon.*


Now, he understands what he needs to do for goal #1 (grow up) and he already has a mentor in the working and shaving area (Dadda), so he’s all set there. I think he also realizes that meeting Tuba is out of his hands, but he is indeed on the constant lookout for her. It is the third goal that he already realizes he will need help with.


So on our way to the zoo, last week, we had this conversation.


G: Mama—are we going to the place with the Komodo dragon today?


Me: No, G, that is the aquarium. Today we are going to the zoo.


Silence. More silence to the point where I wonder if he is doing the pre-scrunching-up-of-the-face-silent-but-deadly-cry.


Me: We can go there soon. Why?


G: Well, I need to talk to the Komodo dragon to see how he became a dragon.


Now who is silent.


G has a goal, doesn’t know how to reach it, so at age three, he is already SEARCHING FOR A MENTOR. Albeit, the mentor is a Komodo dragon. But still, come on.


So now we will be going to a Thursday night “Jazzin’ at the Shedd” so John can witness G’s first networking cocktail party. I doubt G will have a resume to pass around (although who knows at this point) and he doesn’t really understand what John’s “Brownberry” does or how cell phones work, so he won’t be equipped with all the electronic gadgets the young ones have today to help with future goal achievement.


But if you happen to be there and you see two adults holding onto the hand of a three-year old wearing his Halloween dragon costume (he insists) talking through the glass to the Komodo dragon, feel free to listen in. Maybe you too can learn some networking pointers.


Or, at least find out how to become a dragon…




*Note: not a scary dragon, but a “party” dragon.


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