To Buddha or not to Buddha

Published Date: September 2nd, 2010
Category: Weekly Thought

Some children collect Star Wars or Transformers figures. Possibly Barbies or Bratz dolls or whatever those horrid, little rude dolls are. Not my child. He collects Buddha figurines.

Lest you think that we are Buddhists, alas, we are not. I have to admit it is a religion I have flirted with for many years and will possibly convert to. But at this point, we are non-Buddhists. Except for our son. Who thinks he IS the Buddha.

We came to this realization when he was 2 years old. As we passed a local “candle shop” in a small town in Door County, we saw a group of Buddha statues. G calmly pointed to one and stated,

“That’s me.”

and continued walking. At age 2.

Needless to say, that stopped us in our tracks. We, of course, thought he had no idea what he was talking about. Big mistake. Because then my husband asked him,

“What do you mean? That looks like you because it is bald?”*

And G sighed, years beyond his age and said,

“No, that’s me. I’m the Buddha.”

Now at this point, John and I were freaking out a little bit. Because as far as we knew, this child of ours had never seen or even HEARD the word Buddha. Don’t worry—John was going to get to the end of this one. And make sure our 2-year-old was not THE GOLDEN CHILD for God’s sake.

“What do you mean you’re the Buddha? Like from a past life? Like right now?”

And this is the one that stopped the conversation flat,

“No, Dada. I’m the Buddha EVERY time.”

So after that conversation, we don’t really talk about his Buddha-ness. We do however, succumb to his annual Buddha figurine acquisition from that same “candle shop.” And this year we added one more awesome, normal, 5-year-old need:

A meditation bell.

Therefore this year when other children rush home from school to watch cartoons or play mind-numbing Wii, my child will be sitting in front of his mini-Buddha collection (I REFUSE to call it a shrine) and meditating.

And I’m fine with that. Or will pretend to be so I don’t come back as a fly or a can of spam in my next life…

*G unfortunately resembled Caillou as a toddler.

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