Mama in Your Eyes

Published Date: July 4th, 2008
Category: Poetry


She used to say


I see Mama in your eyes


And I would search

looking into her dark

almond-shaped eyes

Looking for a glimpse

perhaps a small sighting of 4-year old me

With long, shiny hair and

full bangs.


I would finally find an image of me

and the bond we felt was like

liquid harmony flowing between us

the purest of connections


And now you


So surprising


You looked into my eyes

The same eyes

placed so evenly on your

little round face


You pointed to my eye

(on my eye, actually)

With grubby, stubby fingers and said




You saw an image of yourself in my eyes

for the first time

And it was a miracle


a gift for me

for her

simultaneously given with


just one word.


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