Beauty is Pain

Published Date: June 30th, 2008
Category: Weekly Thought


You know you are in the need of some serious R & R when you look forward to your eyebrow threading appointment because you get to sit there for 10 minutes (albeit in excruciating pain) and do nothing.


I remember the first time I had my eyebrows threaded. I was twenty and in India with my family over Christmas vacation. My great-aunt was this stoic, regal light-skinned Indian woman with a gorgeous complexion and exquisitely shaped eyebrows. Either my mother or I foolishly commented on her beautiful eyebrows and we were suddenly whisked to an Indian beauty salon and promptly seated. The next thing I know a matronly woman in a brightly-colored sari was doing something strange with twine and putting one end in her mouth and twisting the other end around her fingers.


And then there was pain.


Horrific, jabbing pain, similar to what I feel tiny fish bites might feel like, all over my brow area. Tiny fish with tiny teeth snacking on my eyebrow hairs one by one. Tears started streaming down my face but I did not cry out. Oh no. There were going to be no shouts of terror from this half-Indian girl. I would not give the salon ladies that satisfaction. But I vowed NEVER to do that again.


Fast forward twelve years. My favorite aesthetician had just left my salon and I was left without anyone to do my eyebrows. What is a hairy, half-breed to do? I walked around my neighborhood and saw “Eyebrow waxing–$5. Walk-ins welcome.” Magic words to a harried working mother. So I walked in and the receptionist told me they could seat me right away. Perfect!


I sat down in the swivel chair. Ashourina looked at my brow and I have to admit my hairy upper lip (what can I say, I am half-Indian) and said the horrific words, “We will do a little threading.”


Threading? Hell no! I’m not going there again. There was no one here to impress. I looked at her warily and said, “No, no threading. Just wax. Threading hurts too much. I can’t do it.”


And Ashourina’s reply?


“Beauty is pain.”


Well, that was a new one for me and shut me up. So as I sat there in immense pain with my teary eyes and clinched fists, I contemplated Ashourina’s take on beauty.


Beauty was not always pain. In my teens, it was angst since I did not have any. In my twenties, beauty was easy. There was so little to cover-up with my thinnish body and skin that had not been exposed to SO many years of sun and smoke and alcohol and sleep deprivation.


And let’s face it:


 youth = beauty.


Even in my early thirties (pre-child), beauty was a LITTLE WORK, but not painful yet. If I got my eight hours of sleep, drank my eight glasses of water a day, and reasonably watched what I consumed and worked out 1 or 2 times a week, I attained my version of beauty.


But now that I have been through pregnancy, birth, sleep deprivation, and the fact that I rarely put myself or my needs before my son’s, I guess I am now at the “Beauty is Pain” stage. Not only do I go through this painful threading procedure twice a month, but in order to MAINTAIN my advanced weight, I have cut my calories by drastic amounts and push myself harder at the gym than I should.


So yes, now the “Beauty is Pain” mentality unfortunately makes so much sense to me. Now I just lay in dread wondering what the beauty equation will be once I turn forty.


Or if there even is an equation.


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