Never Underestimate the Power of a Small Fries

Published Date: June 23rd, 2008
Category: Weekly Thought



Could it be that I actually like being a homemaker? These are the things I have found out in the past 6 weeks of being a stay-at-home mom:


1) My son can actually draw a circle, a straight line, and is interested in sitting down every morning and practicing his letters and numbers.


2) He can also dress himself. This I did not know since I never had the time to let him do it. Albeit, it takes ten minutes, but whatever.


3) A small fries from McDonald’s can last an entire trip through Home Depot.


4) If I tell G we have nowhere to go the next day and that he can sleep in, HE DOES! No more middle-of-the night howling or 7 a.m. wake-ups. Now he nicely calls out to me at 8:30 am to let me know he is “done sleeping, Mama.”


5) I actually prefer doing the mundane day-to-day things than sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day and writing.


I am astounded at number 5.


Granted, I have only done this for 6 weeks, so I am sure that when September rolls around, I will be hungering for some quiet time where all I do is type on a computer and edit things. But for right now, I surprisingly get much satisfaction out of buying a new toilet, going grocery shopping, and doing laundry. Plus, G and I are getting along famously (totally just jinxed myself) because I am not rushing him. We take our time in doing everything.


My favorite moment today was looking for trees at Home Depot. Our $300 Dogwood from Gethsemane Garden Center has definitely died (as opposed to possibly died, like we thought last summer) so while I was debating between a weeping cherry tree and a Bradford pear tree, G spied a row of concrete benches for sale. He joyfully called over to me,


“Come sit with me Mama!”


and instead of declining the offer, which I would normally do on one of our hurried Home Depot visits on a busy Saturday, I plopped myself down next to him and shared a snack amongst the trees at Home Depot. Nothing fancy—just some water and fruit snacks. As we munched along and discussed the various options of trees, a hurried woman, obviously on a lunch break wobbled on by, attempting to carry a tree while it leaked all over her bare legs and stilettos. She wearily looked at me and asked,


“Do you mind watching this while I go grab a cart?


I of course said yes.


And as she ran off, all I could maliciously think is, “Glad it’s you and not me” and went back to my serious snacking and tree discussion with G as I babysat her tree.



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