Kindergarten Blues

Published Date: April 15th, 2010
Category: Weekly Thought

So I have now officially turned into one of those women who is stressing out about where to send her child to kindergarten.

Yep. Kindergarten.

I can’t even spell kindergarten correctly (or is it kindergarden? I can never remember).

We dumbly decided to test G to see if he was “gifted” and turns out a graduate student at IIT thought he was (or maybe G was the only child that day who did not cry when he was separated from his mother and would answer all the questions). Who knows? All I know is that we are fortunate enough to have choices of where to send our child to school.

But like all things related to our generation, we have TOO many choices that just stress us out. And let me tell you, this is stressing us out. Because in my mind, there is a definite equation here:

good elementary school = enrollment into selective CPS high school = acceptance into good colleges and many scholarship offers

Therefore, my fear becomes this equation:

mediocre elementary school = enrollment into mediocre CPS high school = acceptance into some small college in South Dakota I have never heard of that somehow costs $30K a year

And so how do I handle all of this? I decide to ignore it and spend all my free time planning an exorbitantly expensive trip to a dude ranch in Montana.

Seriously. Sometimes my passive ways of dealing with stress even amaze me.

And yes, I did say a dude ranch in Montana.

So now that I am done obsessively checking Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity to INSURE I am getting the best deal out to Bozeman, Montana (turns out there are no good deals to Bozeman, Montana), I am left with this looming decision which needs to be made by tomorrow.

Which also happens to be my birthday.

Did I mention that my favorite thing to do on my birthday is drink martinis on the couch, huddling under a quilt I have from college that I REFUSE to throw away, while I continually watch Legends of the Fall all day?

Guess that won’t be happening tomorrow. You certainly don’t make important decisions about your preschooler’s life while holed up in your house replaying the scene where Brad Pitt comes bursting through the mountains with hundreds of black horses over and over again.

So hopefully we made the right decision. And if not, there is always Montana…

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