Cha Cha Shoes

Published Date: June 13th, 2008
Category: Poetry


                                    Hanging in a bag

                                    on the back of my

                                    bedroom door handle

                                    Taunting me with your

                                    peep toes and

                                    shiny gold lamé straps


                                    How I love you


                                    For a mere

                                    fourteen dollars I, too, could

                                    dance like Baby in her

                                    filmy, organza dress and

                                    shimmering shoes


                                    Yet, why do I hold back

                                    my adoration

                                    my love


                                    In the past

                                    shoes came and went

                                    sat forlornly in my closet

                                    sometimes worn every day for the entire summer

                                    other times forgotten like an


                                    Old knitting project shoved behind the sofa


                                    Is it the money I should not spend?




                                    Or the fact that with each step I would lose






                                    on each baby toe?




                                    But then I

                                    wore them around the

                                    house while I


                                    Checked my email

                                    Cleaned the kitchen

                                    Put my boy to bed


                                    And it looks like I, too,


                                    will someday be

                                    put in a corner

                                    (or not)


                                    And dance in

                                    my new


                                    Cha Cha shoes.




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