Boogies and Pee Pee

Published Date: June 6th, 2008
Category: Weekly Thought


“Don’t put your fingers under the seat. The L train is full of boogies and pee pee.”


Not really such a complete lie.


“Full of boogies? How?”


Passengers on the red line heading north towards Howard are now, like my son, wondering how.


“Well, some people are gross and wipe their boogies all over the seats and the handles and underneath the windows, so DON’T TOUCH THEM!”


Silence. Then a big, loud,


“That’s gross! But Mama, how is it full of pee pee?”


“Well, some people can’t control themselves and end up just going pee pee in their seats.”


Now this is indeed a true story. A friend of mine did not look down before she sat on the blue line once and sat in a fresh puddle of urine. I feel like throwing up just thinking about it.


More silence. And then I see he is contemplating whether going pee pee on the L train is actually a BAD THING.


“But you don’t do things like that. Only gross people do.”


And so went our second L ride of the week. And I honestly have to say, I forgot (and this is not a lie) how much I loved riding the L to work every week. There is something so soothing about riding a train. Albeit, it can be crowded and indeed full of boogies and pee pee, but you also meet such interesting people.


Today we met a woman who was the mother of four (ages 26 all the way down to 6. My favorite comment of hers was “We certainly didn’t PLAN it that way”) who came in from Atlanta for a girls’ weekend with her seven sisters. Seven sisters? And she had a child who was old enough to be her youngest child’s parent?


We also: gave directions to an Indian cab driver, explained how the red line works to a Hassidic Jew, were “blessed” by a black man with a Jesus-embroidered baseball hat, and were given seats on a crowded outbound train by two non-English speaking Hispanic women.


Incredible. You don’t meet these people sitting at your desk at home.


And neither would my son if he was still attending daycare every day or rushing around with me on my two days off.


So back to the L train we will go. Sometimes we might go somewhere, and sometimes we might just ride the train to enjoy the people and experiences we have along the way.


As long as we remember one thing:


To look before we sit and not touch anything…


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