Forever in Blue Jeans

Published Date: February 2nd, 2010
Category: Weekly Thought

Previous questions were:

Are these jeans too expensive? Are they long enough? Are they dark enough and do I like the design on the pockets? And the big mama question of them all: do they make my butt look big? Which, from experience, if you do have a big butt, the only place it doesn’t look big is UNDER THE COVERS.

Now, the biggest question of all is:

Are these obscene?

To which my husband’s response usually is:

If you have to ask that, what do you think?

I cannot sign on to wearing mom jeans just yet. I still shudder when I even THINK about that horrific Jessica Simpson picture. But I need jeans that don’t show my butt crack to a room of 19 children under the age of 5. And let me tell you, those jeans are harder to find than a chocolate martini at Applebee’s.

I knew I was in trouble when last week a little girl in G’s class came up to me, tapped me politely on the shoulder and said,

“Mrs. Hess, I can see your butt.”

Wow—you think you’ve heard it all until you get schooled by a 4-year-old on your inappropriate clothing choices.

Right. Clearly those jeans were in the “obscene category.”

So now I have a difficult choice to make tomorrow—what jeans do I wear for my morning of volunteering in G’s classroom? Fortunately, I think I found a pair at Target that with some quick maneuvering and side-stepping, I am in the clear. Unfortunately, I look like a sailor due to their wide-legged style (which probably led to their sale price of $15).

Is it worse to look like a sailor or a stripper when volunteering in your son’s class?

Who knows.

Although I do know this—I’m sure one of his classmates will politely tap me on the shoulder to tell me.

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