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Published Date: January 20th, 2010
Category: Around Town

 Turns out our 5-year-old son has learned a helpful new skill—how to immediately locate inappropriate songs as we quickly page through a jukebox’s selections.

We decided it was a good idea to take him to my new find: Mr. Brown’s Lounge*, otherwise known as the new reggae come lounge come restaurant in Ukrainian Village, for dinner. I had read about it in the Red Eye and as soon as I found out they served legit Jamaican Jerk Chicken, had a drink aptly entitled the “Jamaican Rum Punch, and played only reggae, I knew it was the place for us.

To go as a family. The Sunday night of MLK weekend.


I have to admit, as we parked in front of the somewhat dodgy-looking bar, I did ALMOST reconsider taking G there. But as soon as we walked in, we were greeted with smiles, surrounded by numerous pictures of Bob Marley, and asked to sit wherever we wanted.

We weren’t going anywhere.

After looking at the menu, we immediately ordered our rum punches and some jerk chicken wings, and then were off to the jukebox.

Three plays for a dollar! And no less than five different Bob Marley albums (not counting The Wailers albums) and four different Peter Tosh albums. I was in heaven.

Until G shouted out,

“Play Gold Digger!”

Gold Digger? Here? That is SO not reggae. John and I aptly ignored him. There is no way this mellow place had a Kanye album in their jukebox. We continued to quickly page through the selections.

“I said play Gold Digger! You said we each got to pick a song! I pick Gold Digger!”

What is it with his obsession with this song? Yes, we were the ones who introduced him to it and yes, we were the ones who let him see Kanye perform at Lollapalooza when G was two. But really? Was our now-seemingingly incorrect parenting choice going to haunt us for the rest of our lives?

I guess so, because wouldn’t you know it, our son had somehow miraculously correctly identified the Kanye CD on the jukebox.

That’s right—the boy can’t read, but he can recognize Kanye West CDs at reggae bars located on the West Side.

Did I feel a trifle touristy playing Gold Digger at a bar named after a Bob Marley song that laments the introduction of heroin into his already drug-afflicted and poverty-stricken Jamaica?

You betcha.

But a deal’s a deal, and we all did get to pick a song. Not to worry—Gold Digger quickly came and went and was replaced by our soothing Bob Marley and Peter Tosh picks…

*Can’t say enough about this place. Great food and if you can’t afford to go to Jamaica right now, next best thing is their “Jamaica in a Glass” (the rum punch). Check it out at:

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