As I pulled out the bottle of wine from my diaper bag while standing in line at the post office, I thought, “Boy, this does not look good.” But what’s a girl to do when she is on her way to a late-afternoon playdate/dinner and she owes out-of-state college friends VERY overdue baby gifts (as in they are no longer babies, but walking toddlers)? And why are they overdue, you wonder? Because this is what it is like to take a 3-year old to the post office:


G: But why can’t I mail the package (as he runs towards the door where he sees the mailbox, located on a busy street)?


Me: Because sweetie (as I nearly drop my bottle of wine while searching for a pen), we need to pay to have these packages mailed.


G: But why (he yells over his shoulder, as he temporarily stops in his tracks, but still clearly on his way to the door)?


Me: Because little boy (as I stand the bottle of wine on the counter and now start addressing one of the packages in a green Elmo marker), not only have we not paid, as you can see, there is no address on your package. Please come give me your package and I will address it for you.


G: Oh.


(Creepy man behind us smirks. I quickly now go GRAB G and bring him back to line with me).


I attempt to address 2 packages using my “G, please come here” mantra every minute. I placate him by “letting him” pick out ANY 2 forms that he wants from the post office counter to take home to play with. So that takes up a good 2 minutes of his time, therefore letting me hurriedly finish addressing the packages.


And then we stood in line. With me repeating my mantra again, every 2 minutes. And all I could think of was how much I would hate me and my child if I was standing in line behind us at the post office. Mailing packages at the post office is bad enough without a loud mother and her poorly behaved child mulling about in front of me.


Why do I do these things? Why don’t I just go to the post office on a Saturday morning while my husband watches G? I could. But I think it is because I refuse to become one of those mothers who says, “Oh, I can’t take him to the <insert>: library, Target,  grocery store, Home Depot, any restaurant that does not serve Happy Meals, church, etc. That would be a disaster.”


But would it really? Was it a DISASTER or was it just INCONVENIENT for me that I took G to the post office? I tend to believe the latter. Am I in a generation of women that only brings their children to their one million playdates or Gymboree classes they have scheduled for that week, but yet never include them in every day life occurrences?


I think so. Is it just my imagination, or does it seem like our children therefore cannot behave properly in any public place that isn’t intended specifically for children?


I will therefore keep taking G to the post office and to all the other places that I run errands.


And if you are standing in line behind me, I apologize. Feel free to use my mantra.

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