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What Happens in Kindergarten Stays in Kindergarten

Published Date: December 17th, 2010
Category: Weekly Thought

In case you are not up on the kindergarten cool factor, the cool kids these days are losing their teeth. At school. Which, when you are a volunteer lunch lady, is kind of gross. Nothing like having to find some used Ziploc baggie to put some OTHER child’s mangy looking tooth into. And then helping [...]

You Better be the Next Tiger Woods

Published Date: December 10th, 2010
Category: Weekly Thought

Without the sex addiction, of course. I spent my morning at Dick’s Sporting Goods and found myself spending $100 on GOLFING equipment. And lest you think I am a golfer you should know this—3-year-old children have better scores than I do on the miniature golf course. Oh no, the golfing equipment was for my 5-year-old [...]