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Cakewalk Junkie

Published Date: November 29th, 2010
Category: Weekly Thought

Hi. My name is Serena. And I’m a cakewalk junkie. Now for those of you wondering, “what is she talking about? What is a cakewalk?” Quite simply, a cakewalk is a way to hook your child on gambling at an early age. I mean it’s a cute fundraiser for his school. Here is how it [...]

You Say Sexagon, I Say Hexagon

Published Date: November 15th, 2010
Category: Weekly Thought

It all started so innocently. On a brisk, Sunday evening. While we were doing his homework at the dining room table. G’s assignment? To make shapes using toothpicks (or, in our case, cut up straws since I don’t know where our toothpicks are post-fire). His first shape? A triangle. His second shape? A square. All [...]