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The Santa Inquisition

Published Date: November 16th, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought

  These are the lies I have already told my child about Santa Claus (and it is only November):   1) There is a troll that lives in our fireplace (our stand-alone, vent-free fireplace that has no chimney, I should add) that wakes up after Halloween to spy on him to make sure he is [...]

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Published Date: November 3rd, 2009
Category: Weekly Thought

  Turns out our son does not know what a driveway is.   Classic. I guess that’s what happens when you raise your kid in the city.   This it how (I think) it all went down.   Like most urban children, our son has been told (i.e., threatened) to NEVER, EVER, let go of my [...]