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Single Parent with Benefits

Published Date: October 28th, 2008
Category: Weekly Thought

  Last night I went on a $60 date with my 3-year old. I know—probably not a good idea during these recession-laden times. But I have started running out of things to do with him during my husband’s week-long business trip (and we are only on day #3. I’m so screwed). When I asked G [...]

You Know You’re Old When…

Published Date: October 21st, 2008
Category: Weekly Thought

  I have now turned into one of those old fogies who do not understand new technology. And when I say new technology, I mean the Chase drive-up ATM.   Today it took me no less than fifteen minutes to deposit four checks and get sixty dollars in cash. I was so proud of myself—I [...]

Rose Garden

Published Date: October 14th, 2008
Category: Poetry

  I think the first time you said you loved me was under this same trellis at the Chicago Botanic Garden   Is that why this place beckons me? I am no Lily Pulitzer-wearing North Shore Mama   Yet those roses they call to me like a freshly-squeezed mojito on a warm summer night   [...]

The Moo Choo

Published Date: October 6th, 2008
Category: Weekly Thought

Some people use their favorite Armani suit or to-die-for skinny jeans to measure their yearly growth. If they fit, they’ve made it one more middle-aged year staying at the same miserable weight. Not me. I gauge my girth by the Moo Choo Train. We made our yearly trek to County Line Orchards ( in Hobart, [...]